Thursday, 27 July 2017

Latest Abstract Art..

Hello world

Here is a selection of my latest abstract art. Regular readers of this blog will remember that  amongst a lot of other styles and artists, I am very much influenced by Victor Vasarely and Pop art. This little group of images reflects that. Over the last few months, my health has been up and down. I've used the time to teach myself a range of new techniques, the results are below. As is often the case with my work, I will not comment on them, unless I feel something could be usefully said.

I think the first piece is possibly my most sophisticated work to date.

Box Sculpture.

Escher Stairs.

Folding Box.

Chevron 3.

Mountain Landscape.



Glass Tower.

1 over 4.

The "Gamma" series of images come from a collection of  twenty or so. I was exploring what was possible with the particular technique I had just learned. I wanted to see how far I could push it.
Gamma 3.

Gamma 13.

Gamma 12

Gamma 17.

The next two images are my favourites in the Gamma Series. I have put both of them on black Tee shirts, they look stunning.

Gamma 7.

Gamma 19.

Plutonium World.

Freak Out.

I used one of the Pop Artist Lichtenstein's colour palates to create the next work.

Lichtenstein Decoded.

Here again, the pop art influence can be seen in the next two pieces.

The Mill.

Below are three mid to late 1960s style images.

Quantum Event Triptych.

The 60's Dream.

Acid Windmill.

As always, I hope these were worth the wait. Don't forget to pass my Blog URL on to any friends who may like this kind of art. Gordon.


  1. Powerful inspiration for the imagination.

    1. Wow! Thank you Chris! I could do with a few more comments like that. How wonderful.