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This blog will cover various aspects of photography, including macro, landscape, Post Industrial Art, flora and fauna (insects, wild flowers etc.). Also, there will be examples of my 3D modelled computer art, Sci-Fi inspired work, computer manipulated images, abstract photography, Found Art photographs and anything else that takes my fancy.

When I get around to it, I shall mount a post of scans of my Fine Art prints.

Found Art photography is things like scenes, or close ups of objects which look a little out of the ordinary. I do nothing to these, I don't arrange the photos, and don't usually tidy them up before photographing them, unless it is to remove grass or an empty crisp packet detracting from the scene. I do no post-processing in Photoshop, other than adjusting the levels and contrast to correct poor exposure problems. Nor do I add anything to them with a computer. They are just as I find them, that is the beauty of this kind of work. Out of the ordinary things are to be seen all around us, we simply need to learn to see them.
Most people look, but very few actually see. I would like to think that as an artist, I may possibly help others to see, to view the beauty and wonder around them with a fresh attitude, a more focused eye.
I have had quite a few one man exhibitions of my work, including a touring show, two major exhibitions, one lasting over three months, with one hundred images on show. I sell my work and have had designs on T-shirts, and ceramic vases. I hand make a wide range of greeting cards, with blank inserts to put messages on.
See the, About Me link on the right, for a little more information. There is a comments section at the bottom of the page, in case anyone would like to say hello.
Please call back from time to time and see what has been added. I am expecting to update it every 6 to 8 weeks or so. 

Since writing the above, I've decided that changing the work here every 8 weeks it too long a time. It should be changed be every  4-6 weeks from today, all being well. (19th Jan. 2015)  Gordon.

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