Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Greetings with Snow and Ice Photos.

Merry Christmas Everybody

Seasons greeting to you all. This is the favourite time of the year for my wife Anne and I.  We have a Victorian three story house, (four if you include the wine cellar). We decorate every room; the landing, staircases, bathroom and kitchen included, starting at the top of the house, where my studio is and working downward. It's all done in a Victorian compatible style. It takes a long time, longer as we get older. It took almost a full week this time, but looks lovely, as always. The Christmas tree in my studio is four feet high and covered in multi-coloured lights and vintage ornaments, some almost sixty years old.

One of the Christmas cards I designed a couple of years ago is the first image below. It's my card to everyone reading this blog. The following one is of the leisure area of my studio, showing the tree.

Following that are a few photos of the snow we had in 2008, 2009, and 2010. We have not had any real snow in the area we live since then. It's a great shame, as Anne and I love snow, (and it's wonderful for photographs as well). As a result, I decided that this Christmas post would look seasonal, whether we get snow or not this year. All the photos were taken in the valley we live at the edge of, the woodland at the top of the village, or our garden. I don't think I'll be adding text with the images, they shouldn't need words, it's all said in the photos. Unless something strikes me as I load them.

 I hope Santa brings you all everything you wished for. Gordon.


That's all folks! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'll update this blog early in January 2015. It will be a blog of my abstract art. Have fun.


Friday, 21 November 2014

My First Graphics Blog Post

Hello everyone. This is my first personal blog ever. I've been pushed by a lot of people for many years to have a website for my art and have resisted until now. I started doing blog postings for the Freshwater Environmental Ecology Trust (see the link, if I can work out how to add it) a few weeks now. After a while, I thought I'd have ago at my own blog.

I work in a wide range of styles,  including Fine Art printing. I'm developing my macro photography currently. After discussing the creation of this blog with a friend, I decided that the first post should show a mixture of my work. Later posts will be devoted to one area of my work at a time, e.g. landscape photos, Post Industrial Art (PIA), abstract photos, abstract computer art etc.

So here we go, photos first.
Palm Diptych

Decaying Tree Stump Study

Tree Spirits

Cuckoo Pint Flower


Windows on the World
Now for a set of art images:

 Night on the Tiles


Birds of Paradise


Jazz Apostle

 Life Art Study #1

 Distant Horizon

Spiral Dancer (for Maura)

Water Abstract

Mondrian #2

 Wedge #1

To finish off, some Sci-Fi 3D modelled work, and a few computer manipulated photographs.

PCB Marbles

Silicon Birthing

Pyramid Landing

UFOs Landing

From a Dream

Planet Fall

 Armageddon 3

Well, I hope someone out there in cyberspace liked one or two of these.  I'll post some more work in a week or two. Bye for now.