Thursday, 29 January 2015

Abstract and Modern Art

Hello again
Here is the Abstract/Modern Art Post I talked about in my last post. I thought I would start by mentioning the software I used in generating this type of image. The main ones are  Photoshop and  Bryce 3-D,  although I don't often use Bryce for abstract work. I use the wonderful free software Irfanview almost every day and have done for many years. It accepts Photoshop 8bf filters and other filter types as well. I would not be without it. Other programmes I use are; Dynamic Auto Painter, which I think is the finest programme around for converting photos and graphics in to a range of painting styles and also Quick HDR.

How do I create the images? I don't have a set way of doing this. Sometimes I'll take one of my photos as a starting point. I have done this with several images below. The final work may or may not bear any resemblance to the original. On other occasions, I may start with an idea and work out how to get the basic thing created, before I think about colour, hue etc. Some days, I'll fire up a graphics programme and play with it until something that shows promise appears. If you've seen some of the new alternative comedians live, you will have seen them bouncing ideas off the audience to get themselves started. It's that sort of process. The image called "Fractured Forest" is one example of this way of working. I'll stop writing now, and show the images, I shall add a little more text after the last one.

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I'll begin:

Wave Theory


Kandinsky Dialogue

Ocean Sunset
 Pop Circles

Golden Opal

Quilt #2

Movie Memories

The All Seeing Eye

Warhol's Doors Quintych

V. Fract


Fractrured Forest

Mobile #2

DNA Maypole

Seated Figure

DNA Bank

Orbital Flow

I was born in 1948. That means I grew up among an explosion of new art movements, as well as being exposed to all the existing ones. I was at Art School in the mid 1960's for one year. I decided it wasn't for me and left, later to joined an evening class, where I leaned the basics of oil painting. I couldn't get on with it, it's far too slow for me. As a result, I was shown acrylic paints, I suddenly discovered paint I could work with, I understand acrylics, they are my medium.  I don't do much painting now, but have sold some of my work. 

I love the Impressionists, Surrealists, Dada, Constructivism and Classical art. I was affected strongly by the art and music which the days of Flower Power and Hippies brought about. We can't help but be influenced by the art and music around us. It tends to show up in my work even though I wasn't setting out to use the techniques in one of my works.  Below is a list of some of the artists who have influenced me.

Bridget Riley and the Pop and Op Art movements in general Paul Klee
Wassily Kandinsky Henry Moore
Babara Hepworth

There are more images here than I intended. I simply could not make my mind up which to use, which to leave out. I have been told that readers of blogs don't like to see too many works at a time. If any of you have thoughts about that, or would like to say which work you liked the best (in this post, or the others) then please leave a comment for me, I'd love it.

My next post will be some of my macro (closeup) photography. I'll be showing some of the insects and lichens I have taken in the last few months. Since October actually. Until then, keep safe



  1. Great Work with a lot of colour symetry and geometry going on !!!!

  2. Hi Chris, thank you! It's so nice to get comments. They are few and far between.