Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Nature Verses Pollution

Happy New Year to you all.

I did say that my next post was going to be a modern / abstract art one. However, I decided to put up a small post on pollution and nature, after a short email conversation with my friend Colin. He is very kindly adding some of my closeup photos of moths, lichens etc., to one his websites,, thank you Colin, I'm flattered, as always. The abstract art one will be next, I was preparing it today, when I decided to post this one.

I wanted this post to be an eco-awareness one. It's a good thing to be reminded of how lovely the world can be sometimes. I'm sure most of you already are aware of the fight the Earth and it's flora and fauna is having with the pollution. Because of this, I'm not going in to a diatribe about it. I simply want the images to say it for me. Unless anything strikes me as I put the images up, there will be no text to go with them. I believe that a good photo, painting, sculpture whatever, should be able to stand up for itself, making it's own statement.

As always, if anyone feels like saying hello in the comments section, I'd be very pleased. I hope this year is a good one for us all. Gordon.

Bee sleeping in a Morning Glory flower

I think that the sunset photo above is a nice one to end on. All we need now is a little decent, dry weather, without the awful high winds we've been having, certainly in the north of England at least. Then we can go out for a walk and see nature first hand again. I'm desperate to get out now, I bought a macro lens for my Lumix G5 yesterday. I really need to go in to the woodland and play with it.

The modern / abstract art post should be up in about  seven to 10 days all being well. Take care of yourselves. Gordon

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  1. some great stuff here diverse and nicley put together with thought