Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hello, assuming I still have readers and most of you haven't given me up as a lost cause. Life has been getting in the way of doing fun things like blogging. I'll not bore you with details but go on with the blog.

I've decided to broaden the scope of this post, from what I said I'd be doing in the last post, if you follow me. I think I'm lost. So, I'll be showing some art shots, abstract photos and CGI stuff. I may not make many notes about these, unless I feel an image needs information with it. Here we go...


Pole Dance

Desert Fossil

Fennel Fence

Aspects of Viola

I think I'll change the emphasis here for a moment. I used to have a lady who modeled for me, until she and her husband moved abroad. I have quite a lot of shots of her, some very arty, with computer enhancement. I'll just put a few now.

That will do for now I think.

Art Gallery

Regular viewers may remember me stating that I was influenced by the sculptor Sir Anthony Caro. The photo below in an example of his influence. Can you work out what it is that I photographed. It's not one of Caro's works, it is an object in the front room of our house.

Caro's Mask



Hermit's Chapel Norfolk UK.

Shades #2

The next photo is of my friend Maura, an extremely talented, beautiful woman. She is performing a Huron Dance. I think it was a fire dance, but I'm sure she will tell me if I'm wrong. Take a bow dear lady.

Huron Dance

Old Hunstanton Cliff Face
 Norfolk UK

The next image is of a partially built study. The man who was building it is an architect. He decided to place a tree in the exact centre of the building until he'd completed building it. I took the photo in colour at the time, it didn't look right. I spent a long time trying different things with the image, nothing worked. One day, I converted it to black and white, suddenly the image sprang to life.

Mr Pink's Tree

Wall Mirror

Wren's nest in a gate post


Turkey Feathers

Water Lily

Wooden Valley

Welsh Poppy detail

And that's it for this time. I put one or two more in than I intended at first. I thought you deserved it, having waited so long. I MUST sort things out and post more often. Hmm, I'm sure I said that before...

Be good to each other,