Monday, 23 November 2015

Art from Insects Photography.

Hello everyone

This last month has been so full of things going on for me, some good and sadly some bad, including my wife Anne, breaking a bone in her foot. I felt I was struggling to keep my head above water sometimes. Still, I'm an old campaigner and a fighter, so here I am again.

One of the good things is that Anne and I have finished putting up all our Christmas decorations. We usually start about the 1st of November. We have a three floor house and decorate each room and both staircases, in a more-or-less Victorian style, in keeping with the age of the house. It takes a long time. I love Christmas.

On with the blog post anyway. Some weeks ago, my friend Darren suggested that I should be able create art from the photos of moths and other insects, which I take for the Freshwater Environmental Ecology Trust, Cromwell Bottom Local Nature Reserve and UK Flora and Fauna blogs, (see the blog links here). By the way, the FEET blog is a members only one, so there is no link for it. Darren had been looking back over my blog, at the Post Industrial Art photos of mine. A fer years years ago, I showed him my Urban Explorations shots. It was at Darren's suggestion that I changed the Urban Exploration photos into something a little less sad. The abandoned industrial photos reminded him of how much industry our country has lost, due to stupid, misguided actions on the part of our government. No sooner said than done, I came up with a range of suitable images. So now, again due to a prompt from Darren, (hi Darren) here is the Insect Art, for want of a better description.

If any reader/viewer here comes up with a better term, I'd love you to suggest it to me. Just put a comment in the comments section of the blog.

Below are the images I've so far created, 18 in all. I'm quite pleased with the way some of them have turned out. I do have visions of creating some more later.

Hippie Butterfly


Blue Spot Ladybird

Butterfly Graffiti

Arabic Mosaic Tiles

Clouded Border Moth



 Doodle Bug

Glass Snail

Hover Squad

Ladybird Circle Dance

B Movie Poster

 Moth in Amber

Twenty Plume

Oriental Silk

Psychedelic Moth

Summer Days

Well, I hope you enjoyed those, for the record, Oriental Silk was completed last night.

Don't forget, if anyone has a good idea for a name for this type of art, please leave it in the comments section. I will credit the person who's name I choose as the one I like best, unless they say they don't wish their name to be mentioned.

Be kind to each other.


  1. Thank you Colin and it's nice to hear from you.

  2. Beautiful images. Insectapsychedelia

  3. PTAblues, Thank you, nice to see you on the blog. Sorry, I didn't reply sooner, I've been off-line for a while. Keep popping back.