Sunday, 14 February 2016

Everyday objects from unusual angles, using macro photography.


This post is overdue. My wife had an operation on her foot about two weeks ago. She is not allowed to put any weight on it for about four weeks. She is more or less confined to the bedroom. I have been far too busy nursing her, giving her injections, taking meals to her and all the normal housework to do anything else. I'm trying to fit a little time for my blog in at the moment. (Just so that you know what the delay in my post has been).

Here in the part of Yorkshire I live in, we have more rain, high winds and fog, over the last few months, than I ever remember before. The resultant flooding has done a great deal of wide-spread damage. Because of the terrible weather, I have not been out with my cameras. As an exercise, one day I picked three objects in our house to photograph. My idea was to crate abstract images.

I shall put the images below without comments, other than the titles I gave them. For the first two articles, I'll show the abstract photos, finishing with a photograph of the whole object. It gives you chance to guess what they are. The last one should be obvious to most people.

Off we go then...



V for Victory

Print Run


Now to show you what the object is.

It is an Altered Book that one of Anne's friends 
(Hi Linda) made for Anne's 60th. birthday.

The second object:

Another World

Air Horns


Holes in Space



Inverse Tubes


A photo of the whole object follows...

It is a small nutmeg grater.
It's about as long as your thumb.

Here is the final subject in this post...





It is, of course, a birds feather. As you can see, in close-up, it
provides a nice selection of abstract images,. I think they are worthy of enlarging for wall mounting, or exhibition.

I'd like to think that some of the readers of this blog may get inspiration from this post and go hunting for things in your home, shed or garden to photograph. Have fun.

Be nice to each other.



  1. Good to see that you are still blogging.

  2. Hi Chris. Thanks, I needed to make time, it's a nice release from the stress of what is going on just now.

  3. Hi Gordon. Your photography continues to amaze me. I once knew an artist that painted everyday objects, but she used a magnifying glass and painted extreme close-ups. Please keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Andrew, Thank you so much, I am truly honoured by your comments. All I need is a few more page hits. Mind you, I seem to have some regular readers from all over the world, which it wonderful.