Sunday, 31 December 2017

Sci-Fi and 3-D Art. 31st December 2017.

Hello and a very happy, peaceful and profitable New Year to you all.

Somehow, it seems fitting that I should mount this post on the last day of 2017. I hope you enjoy the work exhibited below. I shall make comments about any of the pieces here, which I feel would benefit from them.

Off we go...

Some of my friends may have seen this first piece before. It still remains one of my favourite works.

Alien Egg.

Still on the egg theme, the next one is one of the things I like to do with my art; create something in the hope that people looking at it will have that, "carpet-pulled-from-under-them", feeling. By this, I mean the viewer will try to rationalise what they see, attempting to fit it in to their personal frame of reference and experience. Like all artists who do this, I hope the viewer will fail and feel a little off balance, and possibly the path to new ways of seeing things will result. Quite a few of my works have that intention behind them.

Cosmic Egg.

One more of my "egg" themed works. This one is an alien egg before hatching.

Oval Shell Sunset.

The next two, are part of a long set I made showing an imagined holiday hotel on Mars. If Elon Musk, or the USA government have their way, this may become a reality a lot sooner than I expect.

Mars Hotel & Spaceport.

Looking out from the
Mars hotel window.

Below is done in the style of Sci-Fi graphic novels art. It's an attempt to show two scenes happening at different times, in one image. The spaceship is in colour, in the three front panels in real time. It's shadow can be seen as a reflection passing across the huge building behind. The ship it'self is just visible at the left edge of the right hand panel. This section is in the past. It's another part of the Mars Spaceport.

Spaceport 3 Admin Block.

We've had the alien egg, now it's time for the hostile alien warrior to show  himself. I based him on an evolved spider-like creature. A lady-friend of mine described him as, "A handsome beast".

Alien Warrior.

The following two are part of a set of five or six pieces based on the idea that the Earth is under attack by a very advanced race of aliens. The earth is being destroyed by them. The warrior above may be handsome specimen of the invaders, but they are certainly a powerful force to be reckoned with.

 Armageddon #1.

Armageddon #3.

Of course, we are under attack, but not defenceless. One of the Earth's most powerful weapons are the advanced, AI (Artificial intelligence) android warriors, know as cyber warriors.

Cyber Warrior.

I spent a long time teaching myself to draw realistic planets of various types. Here is one example.

Blue Twin Moons.

The image below, is a very advanced starship. These craft, as any Sci-Fi fan knows, are generally too big to land on Earth. The Knot Ship has been designed using twisted space-time physics, (think of a Mobius Curve). Therefore it is small enough to land on the larger planets. Like the Tardis, it's smaller on the outside, than it is on the inside. Here, it is emerging from the sea, on a planet in a far off star system. I have also made a photochromic-lithographic print of this image. I may show it on this blog sometime in the New Year.

Knot Ship Rising from the Sea.

Here is another of my radically designed space craft. It's a shape you will all recognise, I'm sure.

Pyramid Ship Landing.

Yet another of my space ship designs. This time it's a long-haul transport ship. Officially, it's used by the Intergalactic Alliance, to ferry essential equipment, foodstuffs and luxury goods to the outlying planets. Unofficially, it's used for a  bit of smuggling on the side. Not that the authorities are aware of this of course.

Alliance Fleet Arm Transporter Ship.

The next image proved to be quite popular, much to my surprise. This is another of my, "What the hell is going on here?" ones. At least one person has it hanging on their wall. I lose count of who has which of my works in their homes. I suppose I should keep a record, but it's far too late to start now.

Dali's Dream.

I thought I'd add a couple more examples of my surrealistic art. In the 1960s, when I was at art school, my first painting in acrylics, was a set of toroidal shapes (doughnuts). These were in bright colours, against a purple background. There were two tutors in this class, one looked at the half-finished work and said, "You have no colour sense whatsoever". I was a little put out, I KNEW what I was doing. The other tutor told the first one that she was wrong. Adding that I'd not have been able to use the colours I did, if I had no feeling for colour. She was right, I've been tested and have perfect colour vision and I love colour. I think that people in the Western world are frightened of it. I'm not, I wear bright colours.

Some 48 years later I finally managed to create the piece of work I was trying to, all that time ago. The image below was the result.

Desert Rings 2.

The next two works are hanging on people's walls. I'm always very flattered when someone likes my work enough to live with it on their wall.

Steel Staircase.

I had a friend who worked in a photographic shop. I was teaching him some computer art techniques. One day, I took a few of my latest stuff into the shop, to show him. I'd printed the one below on silver coloured photo paper, it looked amazing, almost 3-D. The young female assistant saw it. I've never seen a reaction like it before, or since. She was so impressed that she kept saying, "It's wonderful, I've never seen anything like it in my life, it's incredible". Bless her!

This image has been through several incarnations. Two friends of ours, Chris and Diane, have different versions to the one below. Hi both, Happy New Year!

Dreaming #1.

The one below has been on exhibition a couple of times, it created a lot of interest. One lady asked me how I'd done it. It's very difficult to explain to a person who has not seen or used 3-D imaging software. I did my best, but looking at her, I knew she was lost. Particularly when I told her that I'd drawn it all in wire frame first, then added surface colours and textures. Also, that I'd drawn it as if I was looking at it all in front of me. Then I'd moved the view point of  the camera dolly in to the middle of the image. I explained that it resulted in some of the marbles then being behind me, and only their reflections were visible in the other marbles. I know it sounded like magic, but I couldn't explain it any better.

PCB Marbles.

My very dear friend Roger, fell in love with this next one as soon as he saw it. It's now hanging up in his house.

Silicon Birthing.

I used part of the one below as the cover illustration for my Sci-Fi based instrumental CD, "Unseen Galaxies." 

Strange Cargoes.

Every time I look at the next one, it gives me a feeling of great serenity. I can visualise the craft here floating out of the sky in complete silence, then landing, very gently, in spite of their great size.

They Came from the Stars.

On that peaceful note, I think I will end this post, and wish you all a very happy New Year once more.



  1. Thank you Chris, as stated above, this is the sort of reaction I hope to trigger in viewers.